Movement Allies Are ROCK STAR Supporters – I Am My Brother’s Keeper Fundraiser

thank you A Movement Ally is an individual who supports a social movement.

We would like to thank some ROCK STAR individuals who have gone above and beyond in their support for the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center.

Not only by monetary contribution but through their outside support and actions too.  We are honored to share our ROCK STAR Movement Allies:

  • Susan M. Bodo
  • Thomas Depietro
  • Antonio Abitabile

Your generous contribution of $250 will lend support to allow us to:

  • Assist in implementing a training program focused on systems change advocacy
  • Mentorship program in partnership with HCSD and Bard College at Simon’s Rock
  • Establishment of physical space that will bring together everyone in the community to support black men working for positive change.

From the bottom of our hearts, we ‘thank you!’ Our youth will reap the benefits.  Thanks a million!

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