Mission Statement

The Mission of the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center Inc. is to help eliminate persistent poverty and to provide opportunities for black males to become leaders, and transform marginalized neighborhoods into vibrant, healthy communities through advocacy, empowerment and community service.

Mobile Food Pantry

Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center operates a Mobile Food Pantry every two weeks on a Saturday.  Call 518-291-9415 for location details or stay tuned to the website for information.

Barbershop Talks Radio Show

Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center presents our local radio show  ”Barbershop Talks” on WGXC 90.7-FM   We will be live on the air every first Wednesday of the month at 2pm.  If you are unable to tune in via your radio, you can listen to us live via your computer by clicking on this link:




To keep the movement of empowering black men alive, you can feel free to make a donation.  Your gift is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

WelcomeThe Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center will provide opportunities to bridge the gaps of social distance between individuals living, studying and working in Hudson across race and economic lines.

There is a thriving commerce along Warren Street, with shop owners and customers often made up of recent relocations from NYC, while the people who have been living a block or two away their whole lives have been excluded from this economy.

The main goal of the Social Justice Center is to empower young black men to resist the marginalization of their communities. The Center will also create a space that brings together individuals from difference socioeconomic, educational, racial and religious backgrounds.

The Center will have a keen focus on advocacy and will create an advocacy mentorship program in which we will train young black men to be advocates and mentors for other young black men in their communities.